Fragrance Design and Beauty Therapy

Uncommon scents

Design Your Own Perfume

The Perfume Studio experience is an exquisite and sensual journey into the world of fragrance. Night time jasmine from Africa, spices from the Orient, rich and sensual vanilla from southern France are all in this beautiful range of fragrance blends, created by our Master Perfumer. Use them to find your signature scent.

@ Scent Events - learn about perfume ingredients and how to construct your own unique signature scent
@ Perfume Parties - gather a few friends together and enjoy a sociable, interesting and fragrant occasion creating bespoke perfumes
@ Hen Parties - a perfect start to your celebrations, creating your own fragrances for the revelry to come
@ an Individual consultation - spend time learning about the structure and ingredients in The Perfume Studio blends of fragrance, be guided through the process of creating your fabulously unique scent.

Perfume Masterclass

For those who want to know more about the wonderful world of fragrance..

Learn about the fascinating history of perfume, our sense of smell and how important it was to our survival and how perfume became the massive business it is today. Hear the stories behind some of the current perfumes we know and love.

Find out about the way smells are extracted from fruits, roots, petals, plants and bark, but also why synthetics have an important part to play.

Explore fragrance families and sample a range of essential oils and fragrance oils, then try bringing them together to create your very own perfume.

There will also be retail opportunities if you want to take your perfume exploration a little further.