Fragrance Design and Beauty Therapy


Yesterday I met Janette for an individual perfume consultation. It was a really interesting and fun experience. I now have my own personal fragrance which is wonderful. If you’re thinking about this, then I would definitely recommend.

Kathryn Owen


Thank you so much for creating our fragrances last week. I wasn’t sure what to expect from this but I found the whole process to be quite easy. I also struggle with certain perfumes so I was worried whether I’d find something I liked. But I did! I loved how all the elements go together, so you can’t make a ‘bad’ perfume. You explained the process really well and went through it at just the right pace. I love my perfume in its glitzy bottle and would recommend this to perfume lovers everywhere.

Ros Kitson

Creating my own Fragrance.:

I was lucky enough to receive a session creating my own personal Fragrance in preparation for my forthcoming wedding. Well this was the first time I have ever done anything like this so I didn’t quite know what to expect. Our lady Janette arrived at our house to give a demonstration and explained (the principles of creating scents in laymen’s terms) which we then got to sample/smell, and then choose a variety of different scents in a variety of combinations.

Each scent was allocated to a Note i.e. Top, Middle and Base Note, and with this combination you create the scent you want. I believe we started with a selection of Middle Notes and made a choice of a few samples. Then we moved onto Top Notes then lastly Base Notes making a selection of each. After I made my selection I then proceeded to group the different Notes of scent together to finally reach my own chosen scent. Janette then proceeded to mix my combination of choice there and then so I received my scent all bottled up and ready to go. Last thing I had to do was give it a name, which I did, Azure! It was then presented in a very smart box. Brilliant!!

Anthony Jones

Testimonials for Janette Hammond Beauty Therapy.

Waxing - The service is absolutely wonderful, friendly, professional and not at all intimidating. I can thoroughly recommend the experience.

Nicky P.

I loved creating my own fragrance and I am so pleased with the scent! It's a great experience, Jan was really helpful guiding me (and 2 friends) through the process and helping to create something unique and special! Since creating my perfume I have purchased this as a gift for 2 other friends, as well as getting refills as I love the smell so much, it's definitely worth trying out! Thank you Jan!

Grace H.

The ultimate relaxation treatment was an absolute dream. Laying on a heated massage couch, in a beautifully scented room with gentle background music, I had some body brushing, body & head massage and a facial. Time just disappeared and 90 minutes later I left feeling relaxed and revived. Just what I needed.

Lorraine C.